The perfect Christmas Gift: Mousand Brush Hair Straightener

The perfect Christmas Gift: Mousand Brush Hair Straightener


I love Christmas. Its the best time of year. But, I struggle with the gift buying! While I know I should focus on the true reason for the season, the fact is that buying *any* gift causes me a great deal of anxiety. I can never decide on buying gifts because I want the gift to be perfect. Well, I think I found the perfect gift this year for my girlfriends.

A few days ago I saw a viral video on Facebook and it changed my opinion on how to straighten hair. My book friend shared a video of a hair straightener brush that included a link to buy the product. I browsed around the Straight Brush site for a while before deciding that I could find it elsewhere cheaper. Plus, I hate those seen on TV product as they tend to be poorly built knockoffs. So, for a whopping $92.00, you can be the proud owner of the Straight Brush, OR you can keep reading.

Much to my surprise, I able to find a similar but more affordable product called the Mousand Brush Hair Straightener on Amazon for a mere $37.99. And best of all free shipping! You have to love amazon! 🙂 That’s a savings over $50 and gives you (and me!) enough money left over to buy other gifts.

Of course, I wasn’t sure of this would work and again, I wanted this gift to be PERFECT. Luckily, this product has several awesome reviews, including before/after photos submitted by some Amazon users (included verified purchase reviews).

You can snag the Mousand Brush Hair Straightener here:

Just to recap: If you purchased the Mousand Brush Hair Straightener from this link versus buying the Straight Brush, you’d save a ton of money. I also found another great alternative called the LittleBlack Hairbrush. Its a little bit more expensive but if you want higher quality for a few bucks more, give them a look.

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